Thursday, 11 March 2010

I am currently working on a project-Parallel School. Last week we went to Paris to work on the project and meet our fellow French students, we vitited the Beaubourg bibliotheque... never had to queue to get into a library before, so many people, and one of the only places I have been which is open later for holidays and weekends. Lots of on-lookers.

Monday, 1 March 2010

07.03.10 - 14.03.10

START BIDDING HERE The week ahead I will be in school in London and visiting ENSAD students Paris.


This weeks wallpaper goes to Andy Cooke for the second time! He is a designer & illustrator currently in his third year studying Graphic Design [BA] at Staffordshire University. You can find out a little more about Andy here.


Sold for 1p to Sophie Demay, no image received, so the wallpaper remained blank.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

28.02.10 - 04.03.10

NEXT AUCTION HERE This week I will be in London until the 4th, then PARIS working with RCA students and ENSAD students from Paris on another project ( see Parallel Blog ) So lots of workshops and meetings and fun French times!

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

21.02.10 - 28.02.10



This weeks winner is Andy Cook!

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

14.02.10 - 21.02.10

Valentines week wallpaper! START BIDDING HERE


This weeks wallpaper sold for £1.20 to Rida Suleri, she has chosen to show a picture of children protesting to free Palestine....'as still not that many people are aware'

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

BIDDING STARTS FOR 7.02.10 - 14.02.10




Just a few shots from the last week. Train rides, in the studio, school trips, presentations plus very cramped film editing times in the back of a van!

Sunday, 31 January 2010


Last in Jessicas series! Really great and inventive use of the space! "Tis Sunday so we are at Marges garden (where this photo was taken) thought it was daylight it looks like it should be called 'night flowers'. Developers have brought this garden so she has got lucky 14 years after buying the house it has paid for itself. and yes its true, developers are sneaky rotten b******s, though they will assure you that they are misperceived."

Saturday, 30 January 2010


"Saturdays pic shows legs in autumn of a good friend of mine- he is the one who is worried about Noel (who incidentally has STILL not got in touch) He is an art and design lecturer. Today -these legs here shown, are rushing about trying to get an MOT sorted (he also leaves things till the last moment)"

Friday, 29 January 2010


Jessicas' image for today - "That's right me fellow, be suspicious, be very is he supposed to know I have 'gone veggie'? when I was very small I knew there was A LINK between farm animals and lamb chops but honest to goodness I had not a clue what that link was.... If only my mother had taken me to a slaughterhouse and I could have been given my God-given right to 'informed choice'...Slaughterhouse tours should be compulsory for schoolchildren I believe..."

Thursday, 28 January 2010


"NOELS YELLOW- NOEL has a new job, he also plays bass in a cover band of 'old gits' (their words not mine) He has not contacted his best friend since he left his old job. His best friend worries but assumes hes OK not dead somewhere.The Cover band are available for functions in the north london/herts/bucks surrounding areas (assuminig Noel is alive and well).They are called The Bullfrog Blues Band."

Wednesday, 27 January 2010


Wednesdays image from Jessica :

"Italian and Turkish Filigree silver Butterfly Brooches
These silver butterflies are waiting to be housed, on someones jacket, bag, in a jewellery box; I stand in their way and tell people I am trying to sell them. Sometimes I make arrangments with them and take their photos. Mostly I am frustrated with them and they are wrapped up, to avoid tarnish and be spanky and shiny for when/if they do get sold."

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

31.01.10 - 07.02.10

Start bidding on next weeks space here. This week I will be in London, alongside working in local cafes / the studio I will be attending tutorials with Sara De Bondt, Nick Bell, Dan Fern & Jeff Willis, alongside meetings for new projects with fine artists Joe Long & Christopher Barr & the publishing department plus meetings with students & staff from the Guildhall School of Music. It will be a busy week!


Jessica is using each day for a new image!

"This was in a car park in a Hackney hospital, a refreshing change from usual 'baby on board' rubbish despite its slightly mysogonistic undertone"

Monday, 25 January 2010


This weeks wallpaper goes to Jessica Koni: "This is a pic of ------- -----, ------ is very stressed and  anxious,she doesnt sleep at nights. she is a freelancer with a mortgage and life seem to be  comprised of  nothing but elements that raise anxiety levels. I took this pic of her house and for me it was like looking  up at at an urban palace.Seen from a different perspective she leads a life fit for royalty, but seen from  her perspective life is tinged with darkness if you dont have the ability to see the light."  (some names mentioned left blank due to request)


Wallpaper paid for, no image recieved.


Amin Musa won this weeks bid for 1p in between his travels from the Gambia to Manchester,  Birmingham and next Jordan!... "It is a photo I took on my last day in The Gambia. Herbal  remedies for all sorts of ailments. It seems most are bum related. I thought I'd try  to give Mr Ibrahima Keita some publicity should any of your coursemates find themselves  in a pickle and need something for their vomiting, or their bed wetting."

I'm Back at school now and lots going on, in the studios alongside tutorials and meetings all week.


The ONS movie crew from America (via a Norwegian link) have won this weeks space for 1p! Tiled as requested. This week I will be getting back to work in Birmingham after the holiday break.


This weeks wallpaper, entitled Spank and requested to fit the wallpaper, goes to Richard Edgworth for £1, it will be the wallpaper to see in 2010!


This weeks winner is Roslyn Watson. Requested for centered image & no overlap of icons.


This weeks wallpaper has gone to Carolyn Picton. This week the laptop will be around the RCA studios / cafe / library / bar. Alongside tutorials with Sara De Bondt, Nick Bell, Jeff Willis, Åbäke & Nicky Hamlyn. Meeting with students from Workplaats Typographie. I will also be visiting people and working in cafes / bars around South Kensington, Tower Bridge, Deptford & Peckham, plus an xmas party or two.


This weeks top bidder was Harry & Robin from Birmingham based An Endless Supply. It will be traveling around the RCA studios / cafe / bar / library. Plus working in cafes around Tower Bridge & Bermondsey.

WEEK TWO £2.00

Sundays highest bidder has failed to pay, the space has been sold via second chance offer to Afonso Martins, who requested the wallpaper to be tiled. The pattern moves if you look closely so an uncomfortable contribution! Alongside traveling around the uni studios / cafe / bar / computer rooms, and cafes around central London, I will be working on The RCA Work In Progress Show on a live publication for the opening night. It will also be coming with me on a trip to Bristol.

WEEK TWO £2.20

This weeks space has been sold / awaiting wallpaper design.


A digital car boot sale // Today I sold the contents of my computers trash can. It sold for £12.12. I am planning on selling my accumulated trash regularly (frequency undecided as yet) so my digital goods won’t get lost in the electronic abyss anymore, as its not rubbish just sources / images / files / finds I no longer need > look out for this ad in future on Ebay >>

DIGITAL SALE! Buy my old digital goods. Instead of deleting my trash I’m offering it up for sale. ***** items at ***** GB. Huge mix of pictures & files of varying sorts which I have accumulated and want to go to a new home rather than lost in my trash can forever. Think of it being just like a digital car boot sale. This is a great opportunity & a MIXED LOT so there is a great range of files / sounds/ movies for you to use / collect / pass on yourself. There are no flaws or corrupt files. Refunds are available if you are totally unsatisfied but note this is also the beginning of a new experimental project. Package will be compressed and sent as soon as payment is made To make it a genuine buy I can guarantee my copy of the files will be deleted and you will be the sole owner of the goods!

week one


The exciting first buyer is Dave Gove, from SchoolComms! Sold for a grand 89p. Pictures will follow, to start it off, here’s a screen grab from its arrival.